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Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic party supplies For little Fairies with magic wands, enchanted tales of happily ever afters and pink fluff with lace and ribbon.   

Party ideas filled with fun activities, pink tableware and venue décor - Party Lady has all you need for a day filled with fun.  
Scroll down to view some décor, menu and party game inspiration!

Fairy Magic Products[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Fairy Party Tableware[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Light Pink Dotted Party Straws (25) Light Pink Dotted Party Straws (25)
Price R34.00
Pink Dotted Serviettes (20) Pink Dotted Serviettes (20)
Price R34.00
 Pink Paper Plates (10) Pink Paper Plates (10)
Price R26.00
Dusty Pink Party Straws (25) Dusty Pink Party Straws (25)
Price R38.00
Light Pink Dotted Ice Cream Cups (10) Light Pink Dotted Ice Cream Cups (10...
Price R35.00
Light Pink Paper Cups (10) Light Pink Paper Cups (10)
Price R20.00
Light Pink Paper Plates - Small (10) Light Pink Paper Plates - Small (10)
Price R20.00
Light Pink Striped Plastic Party Straws (10) Light Pink Striped Plastic Party Str...
Price R30.00

Fairy Party Boxes and Bags[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Light Pink Candy Bags (25) Light Pink Candy Bags (25)
Price R65.00
Dusty Pink Dotted Candy Bags (25) Dusty Pink Dotted Candy Bags (25)
Price R84.00
Stone Striped Candy Bags (25) Stone Striped Candy Bags (25)
Price R70.00
Stone Striped Candy Bags (50) - SML Stone Striped Candy Bags (50) - SML
Price R62.00
Stone Dotted Candy Bags (25) Stone Dotted Candy Bags (25)
Price R70.00

Fairy Party Cakes and Cupcakes[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Birthday Candles (24) Birthday Candles (24)
Price R12.00
Blue Birthday Candles and Holders (12) Blue Birthday Candles and Holders (1...
Price R18.00
Corkscrew Candles (4) Corkscrew Candles (4)
Price R26.00
Happy Birthday Candle (Blue) Happy Birthday Candle (Blue)
Price R30.00
Happy Birthday Candle (Pink) Happy Birthday Candle (Pink)
Price R30.00
Magic Relighting Birthday Candles (10) Magic Relighting Birthday Candles (1...
Price R20.00
Silver Dotted Baking Cup (50) Silver Dotted Baking Cup (50)
Price R46.00
Zig Zag Candles (10) Zig Zag Candles (10)
Price R18.00

Fairy Party Decor and Accessories[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Magenta Wired Lantern 20cm(3pp) Magenta Wired Lantern 20cm(3pp)
Price R68.00
Magenta Paper Ball(30cm) Magenta Paper Ball(30cm)
Price R35.00
Magenta Dotted Balloons (5) Magenta Dotted Balloons (5)
Price R32.00
Light Pink Decorative Fan Light Pink Decorative Fan
Price R48.00
Magenta Dotted Bunting Magenta Dotted Bunting
Price R35.00
Dusty Pink Star Foil Balloon Dusty Pink Star Foil Balloon
Price R30.00
Fairy Wand Pinata Fairy Wand Pinata
Price R450.00
Light Pink Balloons (5) Light Pink Balloons (5)
Price R17.00
Light Pink Wired Lantern 20cm(3pp) Light Pink Wired Lantern 20cm(3pp)
Price R68.00
Magenta Chevron Wired Lantern Magenta Chevron Wired Lantern
Price R46.00
Magenta Dotted Foil Balloon Magenta Dotted Foil Balloon
Price R45.00
Magenta Dotted Lantern Magenta Dotted Lantern
Price R20.00
Magenta Paper Ball(20cm) Magenta Paper Ball(20cm)
Price R48.00
Magenta Striped Bunting Magenta Striped Bunting
Price R25.00
Magenta Striped Decorative Fan Magenta Striped Decorative Fan
Price R42.00
Pink Star Foil Balloon Pink Star Foil Balloon
Price R30.00
White Tissue Paper Pom Poms / Set of 3 (20cm) White Tissue Paper Pom Poms / Set of...
Price R40.00
White Tissue Paper Pom Poms / Set of 3 (30cm) White Tissue Paper Pom Poms / Set of...
Price R66.00

Fairy Party Favours[ HIDE/SHOW - CLICK TO TOGGLE ]

Mini Love Memo Pads (12pc) Mini Love Memo Pads (12pc)
Price R85.00
Dazzling Lavender Alice Bands (3) Dazzling Lavender Alice Bands (3)
Price R30.00
Big Bubbles (1pc) - 13cm Big Bubbles (1pc) - 13cm
Price R25.00

Want the look?

For Enchanted Fairy Food Ideas:

  • Prepare jam sandwiches and cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Serve cut up fruit on beautiful serving trays.
  • Prepare a fizzy Enchanted Fairy Punch. Before the party, freeze red juice in ice cube trays. Cranberry juice or fruit punch drinks could all work. Then on party day, serve sprite or lemonade, and let each child drop in a "magic" ice cube that will make a pink drink fit for a fairy!
  • Make fairy wand cookies! Simply prepare star-shaped sugar cookies and slide a wooden ice-cream stick under each cookie before baking. Bake as usual, and ice as desired. Wooden craft sticks are sold at most craft stores. Try using your own favourite recipe, or purchase ready-made cookie mix from the shops.
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries are a favourite fairy snack.
  • Fill a clear glass with our magenta chevron straws
  • If you wish, allow the children to put colourful cupcake sprinkles over their food - to give a pretty sparkly colour.
  • A bowl of jelly beans can be called Fairy Gems.
  • Serve drinks with pink party straws and straw flags with little fairies on them.
  • Make mini fairy wands, using marshmallows and tooth picks or a wooden skewer. Dip the marshmallows in chocolate sauce or even icing and sprinkle with 100's and 1000's
  • View our Pinterest page for more inspiration

Decoration ideas for a Fairy party:

  • Use white fairy lights to outline the front door.
  • Hang coloured streamers from tree branches in the yard. They will float in the breeze and add to the magical fairy atmosphere.
  • Make a banner that says "Welcome to (your child's name) Fairy Party" and hang it near the party entrance. See our coordinating Fairy Bunting and let us do the work for you!
  • Lay a cardboard drawbridge for the children to cross at the party entrance.
  • Have fairy wings and a fairy wand for each guest as they arrive.
  • Use fairy Dust on the table settings or add one sparkly bottle to each party bag as a favour or thank you bag. 
  • Ask older siblings or neighbours to dress as fairies and help with the party games.
  • Fill the party area with huge tissue paper flowers. See our easy Tissue paper pom poms. Arrange groups of flowers on tables, floors, hanging from the ceiling, or tied to chairs.
  • Cut large tree, toadstool and castle shapes out of cardboard, paint them, and hang them on the walls of the party area.
  • Turn on a bubble making machine to add to the fairy mood.
  • Combine clear mini lights with tulle netting and drape around the party space.
  • Spread flowers and glitter along the centre of the main table.
  • Make cardboard stars, cover in aluminium foil, and hang them from the ceiling.